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OmegaVENTUS realizes and manages energy projects, whether on or offshore. From the first draft through the approval phase to the commissioning of the power generating plant, we accompany our partners competently and reliably.

Every power generating project requires a high level of expertise and a lot of experience. We are your experts, taking into account the individual situation on site and working out long-term strategies. Whether it’s the design of complete wind farms or the knowledge of a specific client, the project is in good hands – we support you and your ideas!

Network Operators and Grid Connection Rules

Grid Code analysis and specification

Electrical Measurements

Modelling and Simulations of Power Generating Units

Modelling and Simulations of Power Plants

Control strategies to optimize the performance of the Power Plants

MATLAB/Simulink, DigSILENT, PSCAD, PSSE/E, PSSⓇNETOMAC, GH BLADED, DLL interfaces & co-simulations for complex electrical grid systems

Certification Process

Project Management

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