a. Developing of Root-Mean-Square models: RMS Model
b. Developing of Electro-Magnetic-Transient models: EMT Model
c. Developing of Harmonic model: Thevenin and/or Norton model harmonic equivalent
d. Building of Software interfaces: co-simulation studies with models or model blocks in different software using dll’s (e.g. MATLAB/Simulink, DigSilent/Power Factory, PSCAD and GH Bladed)
e. Validation of the models according to the modelling standards and grid codes:

              • Short circuit current capability of electrical devices within the wind farm
              • Reactive power exchange and voltage stability
              • Voltage- and current harmonic impact
              • Low- and High Voltage Ride Through behavior – grid support during failures
              • Primary Control – active power reaction during frequency deviations

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