Electrical measurement and supervision activities implies all engineering measurements activities, including Development Accompanying Assessment (DAA) to ensure the compliance of the electrical behavior according to the design requirements of the costumers and to the respective grid codes, ensuring the conformity to all relevant standards up to the certification guidelines worldwide.

Validation of single components and the whole electrical system Includes measurement campaigns and validation of single components up to the whole system of the power generating units and power plants.

Grid code compliance and specific project requirements toward relevant standards Includes the grid code compliance of the power generating units and power plants. The main groups of the electrical measurements related to the grid code compliance are listed in the table below

No.       Electrical measurements Guideline
[1]                Continuous operation IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3
[2]                Maximum power IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3
[3]                Cut-in-conditions IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3
[4]                Switching operations IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3
[5]                Ramp rate limitation IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3
[6]                Set-point control active & reactive power IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3
[7]                Reactive power capability IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3
[8]                Current harmonics, interharmonics and higher freq. Components IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3
[9]                LVRT / HVRT IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3
[10]             Grid protection IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3
[11]             Reconnection time IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3
[12]             Power limitation at increased grid frequency IEC 61400-21, FGW TR3

Our services are focused (but not limited) through the following activities:

        • Specification of the scenarios in a measurement plane, including success criteria’s
        • On-site measurements and/or assessment of measurements
        • Verification of the compliance to the success criteria’s
        • Elaborating of optimal solutions by interactions with the public grid on the grid connection points
        • Data analysis and final measurement reports in compliance to the relevant standards

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